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Who Will Take The Trash Out When We're Gone?
August 2020, Good How Are You Records

This is our 2nd album, hope it works.

A Very Trash Boy Christmas
December 2020, Good How Are You Records

It's Christmastime in Trash World. Santa's running around doing shrooms and carry a sack of pedophiles' heads. Meanwhile you're just trying not to see too much of your family.

The Future is Trash
released Nov 10 2017

When we started this band we thought we would all be dead long before we finished our first album. But lo and behold, several cupfuls of bleach in and out of our systems and we're not slowing down. To make this album we locked ourselves in a minivan at Newark Airport for 37 days making music using hand-powered recording instruments, until airport security impounded the van and we barely escaped with our lives. Unfortunately we lost all those recordings and so we had to remake the album entirely from memory.

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